Stage 1 Timeline

Estimated Titles Due

3rd Quarter 2022

Overall Completed


Site Clean Up
100% Complete
Removal of trees and long grass. General clean up.
100% Complete
The earthworks involve all the bulk cut and fill works to bring the stage to the designed finished surface level.
Sewer & Drainage
100% Complete
The sewer works are the first item completed after Earthworks as it is typically the deepest service. This involves the construction of the sewer pipelines, the authorities maintenance structures and individual lot connections.
The drainage typically follows sewer and involves the construction of the drainage pipes and pits to ensure the stage will drain efficiently.
Water & Gas
100% Complete
Water and gas usually share a trench due to their close proximity and are constructed at a similar time. The construction involves the installation of pipework, valves, hydrants and individual lot connections.
100% Complete
Subgrade is considered the road base and is critical to the future performance of the road. It is made up of the subgrade (natural clay or engineered fill), capping layers and crushed rock layers.
Kerb & Channel
100% Complete
The kerb and channel is the concrete edging of the asphalt designed to catch stormwater flow and direct it into the drainage system.
Electrical & NBN
100% Complete
The electrical and NBN services are the last services to be constructed as they are typically the shallowest. This involves the construction of the “pit and pipe” for each service.
Footpaths, Asphalt & Topsoiling
100% Complete
This is the final clean up portion of the works with all the finish touches constructed and installed.During this phase of works you will see concreters constructing footpaths, asphalt crews layer the base, intermediate and wearing course asphalt and bobcats spreading topsoiling across lots and nature strips.
Construction Complete
100% Complete
This indicates that construction is now complete and that Statement of Compliance (SOC) is now underway. See the SOC process below.

Statement of Compliance

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